Those Who Lose Weight After 40 Are More At Risk For Dementia

Dementia is a disease in which the brain becomes damaged. It is directly associated with memory loss and other thinking problems. There are a number of signs and symptoms of dementia and it should be treated in the early stage otherwise it may lead to complete memory loss.

Those people who start losing weight after the age of 40 have more risk of becoming a victim of dementia. According to the experts, there is not any one particular cause of this disease, but weight loss is just a symptom. It is a genetic disease. After noticing the initial symptoms, you must focus on its control. For this, the experts say that you must quit smoking, exercise regularly, and make sure you have healthy diet, especially breakfast.

Losing weight is not only a symptom of dementia, but there are also many other body processes concerned with weight loss. So if you are noticing unusual weight loss after 40 years of age, then you must consult your doctor. Tests can be done to discover the underlying causes of the weight loss and look for signs of early dementia.

Maintaining good health is the only way to avoid the risk of several diseases. It is important, especially after the age of 40, to have your doctor do regular checks for high blood pressure, blood sugar levels, heart problems, muscle stiffening, and the beginnings of arthritis.




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