How to get rid of belly fat

Do you feel uncomfortable when you look at your protruding belly? Do you have to wear loose shirts to keep it from showing? Do you dream of wearing those tights you see Bradley Cooper or Brad Pitt wearing? Well, if your answers are yes, then you need to get to work on that belly of yours. Here are some ways to lose that fat fast.

  1. Avoid fried and junk food – The first step is to correct your eating habits, the worst of them being munching on those fries and hamburgers. So the next time you crave for one, just look down at your belly and imagine a well-oiled six-pack there. That will boost your resolve pretty well.

  2. Low carb, high protein diet – Eating food with low carbohydrate content is 2-3 times more effective for losing weight. It takes away all that water weight and specifically targets the fat in your stomach, burning it away. On the other hand, a high protein diet not only gives a boost to your metabolism, it has been scientifically proven to reduce cravings and to avoid regaining the fat that you have lost already.

  3. Exercise – Aerobic exercises have been known to give very speedy results when it comes to fat reduction, especially belly fat. Walking, running and swimming are still the best and the most natural ways to burn the excess fat, as opposed to doing crunches and abdominal exercises. An early morning run will not only burn away the fat, it will also rejuvenate you and your body. Rather than exhausting workouts, simple exercises will help you start gradually.



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