Diet Plan to Gain Weight

We often talk about losing weight and little about gaining weight. However, there are many people who end up losing a lot of weight or are naturally underweight. Such people need to make changes to their diet plan so that they can gain the right amount of weight as per the body-mass index (BMI). Here are some tips.

The first step towards gaining weight is adding calories to the diet. You need to increase your calorie intake at least by 250 to make sure that you are able to add half a kilo to your weight in a few weeks. Food items that are rich in calorie are meat, dry fruits, cereals and pulses. Aside from adding the calories, you also need to increase the number of meals you take. We are accustomed to taking 3 meals a day. However, if you are thinking about increasing the weight then go for 6 meals a day.

Remember that gaining weight is more about increasing the muscle mass than spiking the fats in your body. Therefore, do not resort to fast and processed foods. Go for items like fish, sprouts, pulses, lean meat, eggs and milk products.

You can also go for some of the trusted weight gain supplements. However, remember that they are not the substitutes to your healthy diets. They are just the add-ons. You may need these supplements when you want fast results. If you are aiming at bodybuilding then you may require the whey proteins and additional supplements. If you are taking supplements, make sure you are also working out.



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