Organic food: What Is It All About?

Organic food is so much in trend these days. But many of us have confusion regarding what exactly organic food means. Food which is labelled as “organic” means that it has been raised or grown without pest killers, hormones, drugs, weed killers or pesticides. Farmers who claim that they grow organic food make sure that they use natural pesticides like plant oils, fungus eating bacteria or bugs, etc. They use natural fertilizers. They don’t use any kind of rays to kill pest or change the way a particular plant grows.

“Natural”, “hormone-free”,” free-range” or “sustainable” labelled food is not Organic food, look for seal which shows organic on it.

Is Organic Food Safe?
Organic food have higher nutritional value as compared to the other conventional food. The reason behind high nutritional value is the non-presence of fertilizers and pesticides. High Level of fertilizers and pesticides make the food unhealthy so we can say that organic food is quite healthy and recommended by many scientists.


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