Mothers who consume organic food are less likely to give birth to child with hypospadias

Organically produced food is affecting pregnant women. One study finds out that the consumption of organic food during pregnancy decreases chance of giving birth to child with hypospadias. The risk was lower in women who don’t consumer organic food.  The report has been compiled through inputs from the Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study (MoBa) commissioned by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.  The detailed research is published in the Environmental Health Perspectives, a health science journal. A male urogenital anomaly is termed as Hypospadias in which opening of the urinary tract is not located at the tip of penis. 

The condition can be corrected after the birth with simple surgery. Eating organic food within one or more of six food categories is beneficial in avoiding Hypospadias in child. Organic vegetables have highest impact on the child. Factors like age, level of education, income, age have been taken into account while the survey of mothers. The studies are purely observational and more research is needed to be sure of outcomes.  For the first time organic food has been associated with hypospadias. More than 35,107 women were interviewed in 2002-2008 and question included use of organic food during pregnancy. 0.2 percent of them gave birth to child with hypospadias. 

In terms of women who did consume organic food, 0.1 percent mothers gave birth to child with hypospadias. Genetic and environmental factors are important too. Agricultural pesticides can be reason of the development of this condition too. Till now, this hypothesis remains untested. 


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