Use technology to lose weight

When you have overweight problem, any kind of help is useful! There are no excuses, simply start using it! Because technology has a huge impact on our life, in any sphere, start using it for losing weight! The basic tricks that are effective are stepping on the scale once a week and writing down what are you eating. Well, if you have an inaccurate scale (if you buy some cheap you will have) it will have a negative effect. When you stand on a scale and it shows that you still have the same weight, or you made an unsatisfied progress, you will lose motivation! So, buy an Omron Fat Loss Monitor with Scale HBF-400 ($59.99). It will keep a record of your progress, and it will log the body mass index (BMI) and the body fat percentage. It can save records of our people.

The next gadget you can use is Nike+ Sport Watch GPS ($199). Besides, it keeps track of your speed, time, pace, calories burned, heart rate and distance, it can provide online mapping for you! It has only three buttons, so it is easy to use and you can use it while running. This is important, because if you know how many miles you run today, and how many calories you burned, you can adjust the workout, so next time you burn more calories. If you keep track of total distance without this gadget, or some similar, you can make mistakes which are linked with poor progress! Of course, none of this will work if you don’t have a desire for progress, but if you have, then it is highly recommended!


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