Lose Weight, Stay Fit

With the changing lifestyle, human physique has also taken an adverse turn. Obesity is a common botheration among urban civilians. With obesity comes the added risk of dozens of diseases including various cardiac ailments, hypertension, cholesterol and many more. The altered living and working conditions – more sedentary jobs, less or no workouts, altered food habits and different hormonal treatments are the basic cause behind these.

In order to curb the excess weight you might increase the time of regular workout. Simultaneously regular jogging or even walking helps. Do not skip meals and go on dieting to shed the extra pound. Rather eat a healthy diet. Consume the red cherries, the grapes or snow peas, and avoid alcohol, red meat and saturated fatty foods.

Be in the right frame of mind. Just a lot of exercising might not be helpful in all courses. Keep a positive and healthier approach and get moving. Indulge in household chores or take a walk instead of using your car. This not only massages those unused muscles but also burns the stagnant fat. Do not set yourself stiff targets to achieve the goal within an impossible time frame. Even relatively modest weight loss can be beneficial. Losing even ten percent of your total body weight might heal you of hypertension, diabetes and cholesterol. Black coffee is known to contain caffeine that increases energy expenditure and subsequent weight loss. Even green tea aids in decreasing blood glucose and inhibits hepatic fat accumulation. You can also go for the Atkins Diet to metabolize the stored body fat instead of glucose.


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