Famous diets all over the world

Different types of diets have been in existence since a long time. But let us take a look at the most popular diets all over the world and how they are making a big change in the life of individuals. 

Atkins Diet
This diet includes a big proportion of protein than any other normal diet. The goal of this diet is to control the level of insulin that is produced in the body, which is regulated by food. 

Vegan Diet
Veganism usually excludes all kinds of animal based or animal byproducts in all forms. The idea behind this diet is to promote a way of healthy life by reducing the unsustainable farming methods. 

South Beach Diet
Similar to Atkins, this diet also regulates the insulin levels in one’s body by taking advantage of slow carbs. This diet is beneficial for those who want to control insulin and fat levels in their body. 

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