What Slows Down Weight Loss

We all get very excited when we start losing weight and see results within first two weeks of following a strict routine of diet and exercise. However, over a period of time we notice no further changes. This is because the weight loss process is not as active as it was earlier. Here are some reasons why your metabolism slows and you stop shedding the pounds.

Your posture is not right
Many people don’t know that your calorie loss suffers when you are slouched or not allowing proper intake of oxygen while working out. Stand tall and do your moves slowly rather than rushing through your routine. By correcting your form, you would be able burn extra calories per session.

Don’t go for workout when thirsty
If the water quantity in your body is low, you will get tired easily and the workout will seem much tougher. Sip at least 15 ounces of water 2 hours before starting the work out so that you can remain energetic throughout the process.

Don’t read while on a treadmill
Instead of reading while being on the treadmill, listen to high intensity music and burn more than 15% calories in each session. Avoid using cell phones or reading a book as it distracts you and your intensity becomes too slow.

You don’t like your workout
If you don’t enjoy the physical activity that you are indulged in, you will not be able to gain too much out of it. Imagine being forced to run on a treadmill each day? How long can you keep doing it? Rather than forcing yourself to something you don’t like, take up a routine that you enjoy so that you can willfully commit to it.

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