Importance of vitamin D

Many macro and micro nutrients are need of your body. The macro nutrients and other proteins are substances like the glucose. The micro nutrients are required in small amounts. One of the important micro nutrient is called the Vitamin D. it is available in many different forms like the Vitamin D1, Vitamin D2, Vitamin D3, and other like these. They are called the cholicalcirferol etc. There are many sources of vitamin D.

The source of vitamin D is the sunlight. There is a regular compound production of precursor of the vitamin D and it is present near the skin. The skin will adjust in a way that it will allow the sunlight to reach to the precursor molecules so the precursor molecules will be converted to the Vitamin D by the action of sunlight. You can also get Vitamin D from fruits and other substances like the fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin D has many uses. It helps in the absorption of the calcium from the intestines. Once this will act there, it will also act on the bones and get the calcium to be deposited in the bones. This will make the bones strong. The patients with the arthritis and bone disease like osteoporosis take this. This disease occurs in all females so the females will get decrease of the bone density due to decrease of the estrogen. This will help the bones to become strong and prevent bone breaking.

Hence, knowing the effects of Vitamin D on human body, you can definitely consume food, or expose your skin to sunlight to avoid suffering from deficiency of Vitamin D.

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