Food that will help you lose weight

When people want to lose weight, they usually start searching for some kind of magical pills and solutions.
We will help you by telling you the food you should eat, that will help you in losing weight. Just to mention it will only help you, but you still need to exercise, or take long walks and reduce some sugar, fat, bread, etc.

Here is the list :
1. Fruit - strawberries , grapefruit ( it will reduce your cholesterol ) , tangerines , apples, lemon, orange

2. Vegetables - artichoke, beetroot, celery , paprika , cabage and gourd .

What is also important to say is that you should use spices, because they will help you burn your fat. So if you like spicy food, this will help you a lot.
When it comes to oils, the best oil to use is olive oil or corn oil. Avoid flour, but if you must use it, use brown, not white.

Of course one of the most important things is - Do not eat fast food. If you are on diet for a long time, and you are craving for something tasty, cook it at home, do not eat fast ( junk ) food.

People are making huge mistakes when they are on diet. They starve themselves. Do not do that. Reducing food and calories, doesn't mean you should stop eating, it only means you should eat less, and of course more healthy food.

This is also great advice and will help you a lot : When you wake up in the morning, drinking one cup of hot water. It will boost your metabolism and you will feel less hungry during the day.

Posted by Carol Parker 5/14/15

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